If do you need Subtitles or Closed caption for your Short film, Spot or Youtube Video, we can help you! 

  • We produce Subtitles and Closed Caption based on script that you will send to us, and  we do the entire sync of text with video.

  • We do accept English, Portuguese (Native), French, Spanish and Italian texts for making the sync. But if you have Russian, German or Chinese texts, we should need references on text.

  • We make translations of English Subtitles texts to Portuguese (Brazilian Native)

  • We do only accept films until 30 minutes long at maximum.

  • You don't need to send a High Res video, you can send to us a Low Res video just for reference to sync the text

Enter in contact now to order, we certainly have the best price and quality! 

SÃO PAULO - BRASIL - 11 99439 6633 - 

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